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    Top Reasons To Go For an eCommerce Fulfillment Center in Dallas

    An eCommerce business involves a multi-layered process which includes – managing inventory, packing and shipping goods, handling returns and storage. Letting go of some of these tasks can free up your valuable time and enable you to focus on growing your business. That’s where eCommerce fulfillment providers come into the picture! When it comes to outsourcing eCommerce order fulfillment, Dallas (Texas) is considered as the best location for your regional and national product distribution needs. Do you know why? We will give you four reasons why you should go for an eCommerce fulfillment center in Dallas.

    1. Texas is #1 State To Do Business

    Low taxes and low regulations make Texas the best state in the United States for business. Chief Executive magazine has released the “best and worst states for business 2019” report and once again Texas has been crowned as the Number #1 state to do business. Forbes magazine recently ranked it #2 best state for businesses of all sizes and industries. Organizations in Dallas-Ft. Worth area are not required to pay any income tax and the cost of doing business here is 4% lower than the national average. These facilities attract many eCommerce companies and start-ups here and so you should also have a presence in Dallas.

    2. Good Transportation Infrastructure

    The success of eCommerce businesses depend on customer satisfaction. Customers are satisfied when they receive their orders on time and they get flexible returns policy with free shipping services. To ship customers’ orders in the minimum possible time and offer other advantages like 30-day return policy and free shipping, you need top-class fulfillment services. Dallas is well-served by top carriers, airlines, and highways. Overnight air cargo services are available from UPS, USPS, DHL, and FedEx. Same-day shipping services are available from UPS air hub in Dallas-Ft. Worth and FedEx south regional hub in Ft. Worth. Ground carriers in Dallas can reach nearly 93% of the US within two days. Good transportation infrastructure helps you cut down shipment costs and improve customer service.

    3. Large Network of Warehouse and Distribution Centers

    eCommerce retailers and distributors always look for ways to cut transportation costs and storage expenses in their supply chain. Top eCommerce companies such as Mary Kay, 7-Eleven, Sally Beauty, JC Penney, and Michaels have headquarters in Dallas because they have got a huge network of distribution centers in Dallas at low cost. According to a recent study, it costs 60% less to construct a 500k square foot of warehouse center in Dallas than the retail hub, Los Angeles. That’s why more and more Dallas eCommerce fulfillment providers are constructing their own warehouse here and offering superior storage, kitting, and distribution services to eCommerce stores like you, at competitive rates.

    4. Premier Fulfillment Offers a 250,000 sq feet Warehouse in Dallas and Shipping Solutions

    Our 250,000 sq feet warehouse is located in Dallas that is managed by over 200 full-time employees. We receive domestic and international shipments on a daily basis. From packing gift boxes, storing products based on the SKU numbers, to shipping your orders within 24-48 hours, we can handle it all. You get access to fulfillment expertise at affordable costs. This means you save money on your shipments as well as you can avoid all the hassles associated with order fulfillment because we are here to take care of that.


    Consumers have become more demanding than ever before. As an eCommerce business, you need to satisfy their needs while maximizing the efficiency of product deliveries. Partnering with one of the best Dallas eCommerce fulfillment providers will give your company the flexibility and freedom to grow while reducing logistics expenses. Contact Premier Fulfillment. We would be happy to assist you with your eCommerce fulfillement requirements and can also give you suggestions on how to streamline operations and improve customer service.