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    An Ultimate Guide to Kickstarter Order Fulfillment

    Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform that helps artists, designers, developers, filmmakers, and aspiring entrepreneurs to make their dreams a reality with backer support. Over 10 million backers from all over the world have helped creators to make their Kickstarter project a successful one. One thing that is common in every project on this crowdfunding platform is rewards. Projects have an estimated delivery date for different types of rewards. Shipping these rewards to the backers to different parts of the world is a huge task. You have to deliver what you promised on time. That’s why Kickstarter order fulfillment requires careful analysis and strategic planning with experts to back your shipment promises.

    According to an independent study conducted by Professor Ethan Mollick of Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, it was found that 9% of Kickstarter projects have failed to deliver rewards. And, 7% of backers didn’t receive their chosen rewards. This is because order fulfillment is often an afterthought, resulting in bad failures. Failing to deliver rewards can turn a seemingly-profitable project into a big failure. That’s why, at Premier Fulfillment, we work with many creators on Kickstarter to manage the crucial aspect of their project – order fulfillment. Here we have shared a guide to help you complete your next campaign smoothly.

    1. Sizing Matters

    If you have not started producing rewards for your backers yet, then try to keep the size and weight of the rewards less to lower down the shipping costs. In the United States, FedEx, United Parcel Service, and United States Postal Service all have their own weight restrictions and charge you according to the size and fragility of the shipping materials. Test your shipping costs by sending a sample reward parcel to one of your family members before you finalize the reward. Keep the reward simple to avoid complexities and high shipping charges.

    2. Under-Promise and Over-Deliver

    Crowdfunders need to mention a delivery date for each reward on their projects. Backers expect their rewards to reach them on or before the time you stated in your crowdfunding campaign. To ensure you are up to your mark, follow this policy – Under-Promise and Over-Deliver. Work with an expert to determine the maximum shipping time that will be taken to deliver a product to your backer’s region or country. Promise your backers to deliver the rewards at a later date and surprise them by delivering it before time. This way you can make your backers happy and your campaign successful.

    3. Get Help from an Order Fulfillment Company

    Apart from deciding what type of reward to choose, how to ship them, and calculating shipping costs, there are a number of things that you have to deal with to achieve your project goals. Consider hiring a Kickstarter order fulfillment company. Fulfillment service providers offer flat rate for fulfillment services that involve picking, packing, storage, and shipping. Eliminate different types of pick and pack fees and get discounts on volume shipments. You can even track order delivery for US and international orders. At Premier Fulfillment, we work with Kickstarter creators to help them understand different shipping options we provide as well as the costs and transit times for each reward. Successful campaigns are supported by people from all over the world. We help the funders to appropriately price their rewards based on the shipping costs for each country.

    4. Keep All Records

    Kickstarters are asked to pay tax on the income they earn through their project. So make sure you keep all receipts showing expenses such as fulfillment costs, manufacturing costs, and everything else. This would help you save tax on your income.

    Kickstarter is a platform that brings creative ideas to life. 9% of projects, as we stated above, failed on Kickstarter because of delivery problems. Therefore, shipping is essential for the overall success of a project. To avoid unnecessary headaches and prevent wasting your funds, work with a reliable Kickstarter order fulfillment provider. We can make your fulfillment easy. We deal with a range of products and ship to consumers and businesses all over the world. Our pricing is simple, without any hidden fees. Above all else, we are known for our quality service, faster delivery options, and honesty.

    To get a quote, visit www.2fulfill.com.